About Us

We are sales experts!

A good salesperson is invaluable to your company, the salesperson makes sure that you get new customers, retain existing customers and develop your company. But still, there is a shortage of salespeople in the world, and finding a good salesperson takes time, patience, energy and costs a lot of money. It can often turn out that the seller you thought was right, does not deliver results after all. We at Vivo Sales want to change this!

Vivo Sales has a simple business concept, offering the best sellers to our customers. Our sales people are senior experts, hand-picked by us. We come out to your company and sit on site in your office, work with sales and give you access to our large network of contacts. We give you a senior salesman, without the worry of finding him!

Where do we work?

All over Europe

How are we unique?

We focus wholeheartedly on sales, and senior sales. Our sales people have at least +5 years of experience!

How to hire us?